Aqua'nat activities

Jardin Aquatique

6 months to 3 years old:

The objective of this activity is mainly the awakening of the child, giving him the means to build up a wealth of sensations, emotions, and actions allowing them to express themselves harmoniously with the water.

The session, three quarters of an hour, in the small bath, heated to 30 °, is a special moment between the child and his parents.
The fundamentals worked here are the entries in the water, immersions and breathing.


4 years old:

We are moving towards for self-reliance and pre-learning in a larger and deeper pool, again with water game and with the parents.

Balance is added to the fundamentals worked. Autonomy in the large pool with floating stuff. Enter the water by jumping in it.
Passage in the upper group "GRENOUILLE" on the proposal of the educator.



Groupe Année de naissance Petit ou grand bassin SAMEDI Entraîneur

6 mois (2019) - 1 an (2018)

Petit bassin   08h30 - 09h15 Anaëlle
C2 2 ans (2017) Petit bassin  09h15 - 10h00  Anaëlle
3 ans (2016) Petit bassin   10h00 - 10h45  Anaëlle


4 ans (2015)  Grand bassin  09h00 - 09h45 Paul-Lou

 * avec obligatoirement un parent dans l'eau